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THINGS TO CONSIDER IN BUYING A PUPPY!Be careful not to buy your pet from a puppy mill. 

The Humane Society of the United States considers puppy mills to be establishments where conditions are frequently poor, but where many dogs are kept strictly as “breeding stock”. These poor animals, that have been caged and kept solely for their breeding, are then killed, abondoned or sold to other puppy mills when their value as “breeders” are considered of little or no use anymore. Hundreds of thousands of puppies are bred each year by these unfairly treated adult dogs that have no human companionship.

Also keep in mind that puppies born in these puppy mill establishments often have medical problems that can cost you a bundle, not only in dollars but emotionally as well! The only way to stop the “puppy mills” is to purchase your pet from a reputable source. 

Things to consider: 

1. Many pet stores purchase puppy mill dogs for resale without ever mentioning this to you. Buyer beware with pet stores, particularly those with staff having limited knowledge about pets and their care. 

2. Don’t think that just because someone states they are a “USDA-inspected” breeder, that their dogs and puppies are loved, have good socialization upbringing and are not caged 100% of the time. 

The only requirements the USDA enforces is that breeders provide food, water and shelter. Many of these “disreputable breeders” also sell their dogs through newspaper ads and the internet. Check out your sources thoroughly. 

3. Purebred dogs having “papers” does not guarantee the dog or the breeder. Even the American Kennel Club admits it “cannot guarantee the quality or health of dogs in its registry”. 

4. Prior to purchasing your pet, make sure you are allowed to visit every area of the facility where the animals are kept! 

5. Keep in mind that reputable breeders care where their puppies go and that they interview potential buyers to try and make sure their animals are going to a good home. These reputable breeders will not sell through pet stores and will only sell to families they have thoroughly checked out! 

Check out your local Humane Society prior to purchasing your next pet. 

You will most likely find a great pet that is both healthy and well socialized. You will also find knowledgeable people that care about animals as much as you do! This article was paraphrased from “Buying A Puppy” from The Humane Society of the United States. Nov. 15, 2007.  


The first thing you need to decide is if you are willing to make the commitment to having a kitten/cat as a pet. Keep in mind that with the proper care and nutrition, your pet can live into its twenties. The old saying “a dog is man’s best friend”, well don’t tell that to the cat lovers of the world.

You will find out that cats can make excellent pets that are every bit as affectionate and cuddly, even more so than dogs are, and will become like one of the family members. Once you have decided to move foreward with purchasing your new pet, you have several options on where to look. 

You may want to start with your local Humane Society where you will find knowledgeable staff that will be able to answer your questions and give you some history of the animals they have for adoption. You will also have the opportunity to socialize with the animals and see the different personalities they may have.

Another option, especially if you are looking for a purebred cat, are breeders. Keep in mind however, that just because someone claims to be a breeder, doesn’t mean they are good or even qualified to be considered a breeder that you are willing to work with.

Your good breeders will spend the time with you answering your questions and giving you some history on different traits and qualities the various breeds have. They will also be interviewing you as much as you are them, because they want to make sure their animals are going to good homes. 

Some of the other things to consider when working with breeders are the good ones normally will not sell kittens until they are at least 12 to 14 weeks old. All animals should have their vaccinations prior to going home with you.

The good breeders will also talk to you about the spaying and neutering of the animals. Don’t be afraid to ask the breeder to show you where the animals are kept so you can see for yourself if this a place where you want to purchase your pet from. However, don’t rule the place totally out if you can’t see the facility.

I would recommend however that you ask for references so you can talk to other people who have already purchased animals through the given source. 

Other places to consider when looking for your pet are your local veterinarian, a trusted pet store with knowledgeable staff or word of mouth from other happy pet owners that understand some of the concerns you most likely have while looking for your next “family member”.

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