About Us

Dog Beds & Crates Etc. was started to provide, the pet lovers of the world, a web site where only the highest quality products are offered.  Safety for pets is our #1 concern and we will provide products only from the most reputable companies in the pet industry. 

The founder of Dog Beds & Crates Etc. worked in the Pet Industry for 20 years as an executive in sales and marketing for two of the largest and most respected companies in the pet industry.  Both companies were #1 in their respective categories of Dog and Cat Beds and of Cage and Crate Products. 

Both companies prided themselves on quality and customer service, two characteristics Dog Beds & Crates Etc. was founded upon!  

Working with some of the top designers and quality control personnel in the pet industry, talking to and being advised of pet consumer needs from the top retailers in the world and listening to thousands of pet owners wishes and concerns gave us a major start in building a web site where only the best quality products by the most safety conscious companies in the industry are featured! 

Our mission at Dog Beds & Crates Etc. is to bring to the pet consumer an assortment of the highest quality pet products, at the lowest possible prices, while providing pet product professional expertise and information.